High-Voltage Substation Design
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IEEE Houston Chapter - Continuing Education on Demand (CED):  2011-2012 Schedule and Form
Feb. 21-22, API Motor, Bob Krusemark, P.E. GE Motors & Rolando DeLeon TECO
March 6-7, NFPA Arc Flash Project / NFPA 70E Update, Dr. Wei-Jen Lee, P.E. FIEEE UTA EE Dept & Daleep  
Mohla, P.E. FIEEE
March 20-21, Protection Systems and Scheme Testing, Dr. Kurt Ederhoff, P.E. VI Engineering &
       Robert Spiewak P.E. PolAmex Engineering
April 10-11, Generator Operation, Controls and System Design, Keith McCarthy P.E. KBR
April 24-25, Stability Studies for Industrial Power Systems, Douglas Durand P.E. KBR